Lotus Club

Extracurricular activities are an important part of everyday life of children and adolescents and affect various aspects of their life, from from academic achievement to manifestations of deviant behavior. Our activities are aimed at development some specific skills or abilities. Extracurricular activities contribute to their identity formation, and offer a base for creating strong connections between the adolescents sharing the same system of values.

At early stages of child development of the child their understanding of cultural values and ethical standards comes from their family; however, as the child grows, the environment outside of the family starts playing a greater role. At all stages of life children are sensitive to its environment; they live through different social roles and learn to communicate, to build up their own identities, and to make their own choices. Extracurricular activities offer a rich medium for development of social skills. The school is compulsory for everyone, however the adolescents can choose their extracurricular activities based on their personal preferences, and that makes a vital difference.

Join Lotus Club and actively participate in social and extracurricular activities.