Meditation and Visualization

Meditation can calm your nervous system, whereas visualization can reprogram it. Meditation de-excites the nervous system in a way that gives the body rest, which is even deeper than sleep. This rest helps the body heal itself from many things, including physical ailments, but most commonly from stress. Alternately, visualizations can help us reprogram old fight-or-flight stress reactions and help us move into a β€œstay and play” mindset.

A session on “Meditation and Visualization” at CAMP 22-23 | Certification And Mastery Program for Trainers and Facilitators at Govt. Youth Hostel, Kakkanad organized by NaITER (National Institute for Training and Educational Research) in collaboration with Life Foundation, Youth Resource Centre Ernakulam (Under the Aegis of UN Volunteers India, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, UNDP)

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