New Year celebration and general body meeting

It was that time of the year when jingle bells rang and the New Year season started. Entire office was lit up with the splendor of the festive season and the bright lights. There was an excitement in the air and the smiles and the joy grew manifold as more and more entertainments came in. The office was beautifully decorated and the HR had organized a small New Year dancing on the floor together in the last day of the year and all were in a mood to celebrate. A wave of joy swept past the office towards the end of the year and it was great goodbye to the passing year and a welcome to 2020.

The company annual general meeting was conducted on the New Year day. The meeting was presided by the management team. The respective team leads presented the annual report of their team. All employees were appreciated for their hard and good work, out of which few were selected for award categories.

Finally there was thanks giving by ringing the bell. Whoever who really felt to say thanks to any other employee whom they felt have made a difference in their professional and personal life during the last year. Last but not least Srishti FM team made a live performance with song dedications, appreciations, games etc.

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