Yuvajanasabha Camp 2019

Today’s young people hide immense potential. However, most of them feel lost because our changing world makes them shy and insecure. Seeking for a purpose and something to add meaning to their lives they join youth communities like Yogakshemasabha Yuvajanasabha, which is natural. Groups are not only a place to gather people, they promote courage, motivation, and help youths find their voice. Through proper guidance and encouragement many good things can be accomplished.

Although the role of a youth leader requires great commitment, it can be highly rewarding, especially when the results start coming in.Β  Responsibility, patience and self-confidence are the key qualities that define the influential leadership. One must keep everything well-organized and under control, but remain focused on the young souls. The best leader teaches good values, gives moral support, inspires and motivates, pushes gently young people to reach their potential and accomplish higher goals. And when the youths are one step closer to take on a wrong path, the leader has to point it out, but in a pleasant manner.

I like to congratulate Yogakshemasabha State Yuvajanasabha leaders for conducting a two days camp for evolving leaders from different districts of Kerala.

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