Student’s Kit Challenge 2019

With a focus on educational development and community outreach, Pratheksha helps many students every year by giving them stationery materials for education. An initiative exclusively for underprivileged children. It facilitates these students with books and stationery materials for their education during the beginning of every academic year. Prime focus being education, Pratheksha make sure that these children never fall short of materials to study. This year, our aim is to gift stationery materials to more and more students for their education.

We may remember our childhood when we used to go school with backpacks on our shoulders, holding a little umbrella or water bottle in our hands. But there are children who are deprived of all these material facilities required for their studies. Pratheeksha a nonprofit charity, decided to help these students by donating them stationery materials. Extending a helping hand to thousands of students who are deprived of basic needs for their education. We came up with an initiative of keeping boxes in Carnival entrance for collecting the required materials from all companies.

The noble cause was inaugurated on 2019 April 3rd at 4.00 PM in the same place by CEO Mr.Krishnadas Pisharam (Srishti Innovative) and Vinay (Carnival building Management).

How can you help?

An individual or organization can support Pratheeksha by donating the study materials in the respective boxes kept in Carnival Building Entrance. Let us together do what we can with what we have.

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