Student Kits Program

Millions of children around the world do not go to school because their parents cannot afford school supplies. In many countries if a child arrives at school without their basic supplies they are turned away. Imagine knowing education is the only way your child will have any future and you can’t afford a notebook and pencil. What a tragedy this is.

How sad that such a simple need could be as great a barrier to education as the need for school supplies. A child with no education is forced into a life of illiteracy… and continued poverty.

Educational Kit (36)The objectives of the Student Kits Program is to help make education possible for all underprivileged child, and to provide individuals a simple, yet effective, way to help create a better world.

Educational Kit (54)
Student Kits Program at Vellanikkal Govt. L P School by Pratheeksha Charitable Trust.


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