IT in education and schools

Both education and learning are life time processes, they have no limit on when to start and stop. In our daily lives we learn new things and this helps us in changing the way we leave. Education provides us with information, and then we have to learn and process this information for our own use. It is very important to make education accessible at any time by every one; this will help in reducing on the level of illiteracy. Information technology has the ability of speeding up information delivery, so this ability can be used in improving our education environment. With the implementation of Information Technology, costs of accessing educational material are cut down and it makes it easy for students to learn from anywhere.

Awareness class @ Kaviyattu English Medium School
Awareness class @ Kaviyattu English Medium School

Use of information technology in education and schools.

  • Plenty of Educational Resources
  • Instant Access to Educational Information
  • Full Time learning
  • Group Learning
  • Use of Audio – Visual
  • Long Distance learning

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