Mass Leader

“Individual efforts can bring excellence but only collective efforts can deliver effectively” – Shri Narendra Modi

For Prime Minister Modi, the cardinal rule is- ‘We’ must take precedence over ‘I”. In every sense he remains a true mass leader. A true Karmayogi (doer), Mr Modi refuses to be cowed down by disasters and disturbances and is successfully leading his nation on the path to economic growth.

Long term planning and clear focus. Modi sets goals and controls manpower to complete individual tasks; he practically, directly supervises personnel even at the very bottom of the pyramid.

Most of them won’t, and don’t have to know the significance of their work or others’ work. By constantly maintaining a gap between his subordinates he alone decides where goes what.
And he does all this all the while making his key team players believe they are indispensable; the ultimate skill. Making key team players believe that they are a vital part of the organization and making them think that every action taken by the organization directly reacts on them proves fruitful to him.

He is a risk-taker. He understands that if there’s one way the state could turn eyes, that is by opening the state. He knows the corporates would do the rest, all he has to do is tempt them in, and make people – his end customers, believe that it is basically him who does it all. This is the smartest. An open market model is his bait.

He is a thinker. As an analyzer he is, he ultimately knows what kind of effect would last-long on his team, people and media. He would constantly make sure that somehow, people keep talking about him. This maybe a typical politician’s game, but Modi’s style is different. By this, he maintains a brand value like no other. His target is wide and his ways of reaching them are very few. His branding methods sometimes cost him a part of his own reputation, but he knows when it is worth.

Most of all, he never lets anybody get their hands on his line of control, not even a little. He knows his powers and most of all, his weaknesses. Every company needs to know this. He knows these and never lets his opponents know any of that. This makes him and his enterprise invincible.

Narendra Modi does not loose touch with the people at the ground level. This helps him identify early on if anything is going wrong and helps him make the necessary corrections. Similarly, in organizations the top management or the senior management needs to be in touch with the lowest cadre frequently to get a real feel of things. The middle rung may let the management know only what suits them

Modi is a powerful orator, wily politician, and able administrator as he has shown with the development of Gujarat and now India.

The nation watched history being created on social media, as for the first time ever an Indian Politician held a Live Google+ Hangout session . The session truly depicts the transparency and the desire to connect with the mass prevails in the heart and the deeds of the Chief Minister.
Shri Narendra Modi said “I had to wash the clothes myself for about 40 years, and found it difficult to wash long kurtas. I had cut the sleeves short, so that it becomes easy to wash and also occupied less space in his bag. Now it has become a fashion. ‘Modi kurtas’ are being sold everywhere. My simplicity became a fashion.”

Unlike most politicians, the Gujarat chief minister was arguing passionately for what he believed in, not for some short-term personal gain far removed from policy, but out of conviction. He was a strong public speaker and was standing his ground and presenting his case with rare confidence and, whether one liked it or not, he had a commanding presence…

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